The KONA system isn't an entirely new idea. Back in the 1990s we manufactured a similar device called the Orca. We've kept the same fundamentals, but we've added new features, new software, and streamlined the overall design. Take a look:


Breath-by-breath, O2, CO2, and respiration flow rate are measured precisely and accurately with internal sensors. Interfaces are provided for heart rate monitoring and pulse oximetry. The oxygen sensor is long-lasting and does not require routine maintenance.

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Laser absorption spectroscopy oxygen sensor (fast response time and long life).
Non-dispersive infared CO2 sensor.


    Internal sampling pump and built-in proportional valve for precise flow control during breath-by-breath pressure changes.


Single-patient pneumotach use. Type in a calibration code into the software; no need for a 3L syringe

KONA Software

Next-generation, easy-to-use software that pairs seamlessly with the O2CPX analyzer and makes it easy for anyone to perform accurate tests. Designed for PC computers. 

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  • Visual Override

    Change the AT or VO2 max with visual, manual override.

  • Chart Reporting

    Wasserman 9 graph display, Binder 4 graph display, and the option to make custom charts and data presentation.

  • Shared Database

    Multi-station, shared, relational database allows for multiple test sites and the ability to review results anywhere with a Microsoft Windows device.


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Ergotron Cart

Ergotron Neo-flex computer cart with height adjustable monitor and work surface to accommodate a variety of users and situations.

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  • Monitor Displays

    Single monitor (up to 42 in) or dual monitor (22 in) mounting capabilities.

  • Features

    20 inch height adjustment, accessory basket, locking wheels, mounting for 500L calibration gas cylinder.

  • Work Surface

    Keyboard and mouse work surface, integrated Intel NUC computer mounting, integrated power and cable routing.